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“Imagine a happy cocktail of The Temperance Seven and Charlie Christian, mixed with a generous dash of humour, that is Tyger Tyger”

“When I was a boy my family spent several years in the United States.  We got there in 1957 and from the grey of rationing Britain I found myself in a world of colour television, hot dogs and music - Elvis Presley, Dinah Shore, Nat King Cole.  I watched them all and listened to them through the earphones on my crystal radio at night.  I was mesmerised and swallowed the music whole”

“Back in England I learned to play guitar and went through the skiffle and rock n roll years.  But my heart stayed with Jump Jive and Swing.  I made several trips back to the states.  On one memorable occasion I worked in the kitchen at the Penny Farthing in Yorkville, Toronto, where Lil Hardin Armstrong was playing blues sets”

“I’ve played this music all through my life.  The secret is to get the best musicians you can find and let them blow.  Up there on the stage I’m having the bets time there is.  Treat each gig like a party and you can’t go wrong”

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